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Toledo is an indecipherable labyrinth for those who don’t know its streets. Do not waste your time and take a sightseeing tour of Toledo to explore the city’s best attractions and famous landmarks with a local expert guide or at your own pace. You choose! One thing’s for sure: the top things to do and see in Toledo can all be found on Toledo a pie tours!.

Free Walking Tour “Toledo Essential”

The original and only free walking tour in English in Toledo! A general overview tour including some highlights of the city. A myriad of anecdotes, legends and hidden spots will surprise you in this 2-hour tour. We will lead you from one end of the old town to the other, making easier your later experience in the city.

Zocodover Square, the heart of Toledo, is our meeting point. We know its name is a little bit uncommon. Would you like to discover its origin? Then join us!

We will wander through narrow, winding streets, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, admiring picturesque convents and churches from the Middle Ages, exploring part of the memorable Jewish Quarter and discovering the secrets of the stunning Cathedral.

Toledo is also known as the ‘city of three cultures’, a place where in the Middle Ages– legend has it – Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities peacefully coexisted. In this tour we will explain the actual extent of ‘convivencia’ apart from learning more about the mysterious Spanish Inquisition and its connection with witchcraft. Did you know there used to be a School of Magic in Toledo? Or maybe it was the School of Translators?

Come with us to hear about these stories and more: the origin of marzipan, Toledan steel, our typical dishes and much more curiosities!

Free Tours concept

This is a tips-based model. This means it’s not free, the value is up to you! You are welcome to tip your guide at the end of the tour.

Besides, this kind of tours are designed for independent travellers, couples, friends, small families, not groups. If you’re 6 or more people contact us so that we can offer you the best alternative.

2 hours

From Thursday to Monday. 11 a.m.

The value is up to you.

Totally accessible. You will not find steps on this tour. However, bear in mind there will be some uphills. When you arrive to Toledo, you will understand 😉

Dog-friendly. This tour is completely outdoors, so your pet is welcomed.

This tour will take place minimun with 5 people.

Is it necessary to book?

Always recommendable, specially at weekends and holidays.

Space is limited in our groups. Be sure to sign up here before it’s full.

Is it necessary to book?

Always recommendable, specially at weekends and holidays.

Space is limited in our groups. Be sure to sign up here before it’s full.

Paraguas de Toledo a Pie

Meeting Point

Meet us at Zocodover Square. Find the grey umbrella with our mint logo*.

* This is important as there are many other agency’s umbrellas with different colours. Though we are the only agency which offers a Free Tour in English. 

Private Tour

For you and your relatives or friends. For schools. For companies and other groups. These tailor-made tours are perfect for all of you who want to discover a more specific Toledo. You design the tour. When it starts, its duration, theme and extras! An exclusive guide will go with you in your adventure in Toledo.

Any idea of what to visit? No? If you don’t know where to start in designing your tour, don’t worry. We will advice you! You only have to fill in the following form. Equally, to book a private tour fill in the same form so that we can contact you and confirm the tour.